Products list

Product features

Product features:

  • The largest range of colors – more than 100 decors
  • Perfect suited to chipboard furniture
  • Available in 2 sizes in standard offer
  • The thinnest screw caps available on the market

The photographs standard:

  • Sheets 9/16″ [14mm] and 3/4″ [20mm] + other sizes – while at the sheets on each sheet
  • Package – confection and collective – while sheets in packaging, packaging capacity
  • EAN codes

Custom = customized solutions

  • We produce any size and shape to the needs of the customer
  • Ability to perform any coloring decor under unusual order / request
  • Any quantity screw caps on one sheet


Display system

To meet the expectations, we offer Commercial systems for our products.

Our exposition systems for use:

  • Aesthetic and full presentation of the product, resulting in increased sales
  • Quick access to the seller which ensures faster time customer service / improve customer service
  • Easy orientation condition of the screw caps through the transparent boxes:
    do not be surprised of the missing of goods
  • Keeping order:
    – everything in place
    – the end of the mess
  • Expansion / extension of the product range with new products
  • Saving space sales