There are many sizes and shapes:

  • squares
  • circles
  • rectangles
  • and more

As a manufacturer we are able to produce any shape/size the felt pads:

  • We produce any size and shape for the customer

  • Any number of pads per sheet

Square chair leg floor protectors

If you want to prevent the formation of scratches and dents on hard floor, choosing square felt pads is the best decision. Moving wooden furniture can scratch the item itself and the surface on which it stands. Therefore, it is so important to protect both materials. Adhesive fleece and cork are perfect for this. They make it easier to care for the furnishing and prolong its service life. Square felt pads are most suitable for chairs, beds, tables and other objects usually made of wood. The products are available in standard sizes from 14×14 to 50×50, but Folmag can manufacture any desired forms.

Circular felt pads

Squeaky, unpleasant sounds while moving a chair? When the original stick-on is worn out, it is best to order new self-adhesive felt dots – soft protectors by Folmag in a circular shape. The strong glue used in the pads guarantees secure adhesion to furniture legs, even those made of metal. It is a perfect solution for floor care in private spaces and public buildings. The peel and stick felt pads should not stand out – we produce them in standard colours, i.e. white, black, grey and brown, to match the furniture. For an even more reliable protection we offer also circular cork pads which will work well with heavier objects.

Rectangular felt pads

As furniture legs come in different sizes and shapes, the range of our products is proportionately wide. Rectangular felt pads can be cut into smaller ones to fit the objects, or used as a long strip, depending on the needs. Stick-on protectors made of soft material are especially functional – not only do they enable extra floor care, but also make the furniture moving easier and noiseless. Felt pads are self-adhesive, which means they consist of two layers – a strong glue coating is effortlessly attaching them to the underside of the object, while the felt is in contact with the floor or other surfaces (the product can be used also to protect equipment e.g. standing on tables).

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Product features

Peel&Stick felt pads

Protect the smooth floor surfaces from scratches and provide a comfortable and quiet moving furniture

Perfect as buffers in the kitchen cabinets.

Product features:

  • Used a very strong adhesive – guarantee excellent adhesion

  • Produced in colors: white, grey, black and brown

  • Available in many sizes and shapes

  • Thickness 1/8″ [3mm] and 1/4″ [6mm]

  • A highly compressed felt provides service life

We offer different types of packaging:

The confectional packaging

Dedicated to the shoops, warehouses, supermarkets, where the main customers are retail customers. For this product we recommend a free rotating display, to assist in the exposure of the product.

The collective packaging – dedicated to furniture manufacturers, sealed in bags string, containing 1000 pcs felt pads.

The possibility of preparing in 2 variants.

Special attention must be paid while moving furniture from one place to another. With self-adhesive felt pads it is easier to take care of the surfaces which can be damaged without any protectors. Laminated and wooden floors are less resistant to abrasion than the harder ones. Prolonged pressure of the cupboard or chair legs can cause irreversible harm. However, the problem disappears when using Folmag’s stick on felt pads. Thanks to the special properties of the material it is often used to protect the surfaces from damages. Highly pressed felt is capable of withstanding heavy weight of the furniture and provides effective noise insulation.

We would like to offer sticky pads for chair legs and other objects exposed to mechanical damage. Products of our manufacturing are widely used at home, in offices and public buildings. When choosing felt squares for furniture clients can select the needed size, shape, colour as well as order the protectors wholesale, in large quantities.

Due to their soundproofing feature, circular and square felt pads are suitable for noise reduction in closing the drawers or boxes with lids. The same effect and more can be achieved when it comes to glass surfaces. No more dangerous clinking and worrying about breaking fragile items. With self-adhesive furniture pads living becomes more enjoyable!

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Rating value: 4.29 (85.8%)
Base on: 31 score
Display system

Stand rotary

  • Aesthetic – perfectly suited for the role of advertising
  • Mobile, rotating – helps to keep the goods in good order
  • Compact size – saving space sales
  • Efficient access to goods – the convenience of the customer service
  • Quickly determine the available amount of sales

On the stand is approx. 1000 packaging

Dimensions stand: 20.47 x 34.65″ +7.87 (logo) [52x88cm+20cm logo]

Chair and furniture leg floor protectors

Well-maintained furniture is the key to the aesthetic interiors. Taking care of them isn’t as hard as it seems, especially with floor protectors by Folmag. Made from the popular, light yet durable material, our products effectively protect surfaces from mechanical damages. Self-adhesive felt pads for furniture reduce the friction between the chair legs and floor, which enables you to move the furniture easily. The application of stick-on protectors will differ depending on the type of the furnishing they can be attached to.

To match the floor care self-adhesive felt pads to clients’ needs we produce them in a variety of sizes and shapes. Square chair leg protectors are the most popular beside the circular ones and can be used with wood, chipboard, plastic or metal. Coating of strong glue provides secure attachment no matter the material of the object. In addition to felt pads for furniture legs we offer also protectors made of solid cork which are particularly suitable for heavy beds and wardrobes.

As a manufacturer we know how important product presentation is in terms of sales. Therefore, we would like to recommend our distributors display racks for chair sticky pads. The packages of floor-leg protectors will be more visible in that way to the customers and easier to browse through in stores. Our offer is also addressed to furniture manufacturers who can order square felt pads for chair legs in wholesale and pre-attach the stick-ons in the production process.

gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka
Rating value: 4.29 (85.8%)
Base on: 31 score