There are many sizes and shapes:

  • squares
  • circles
  • rectangles
  • and more

As a manufacturer we are able to produce any shape/size the felt pads:

  • We produce any size and shape for the customer

  • Any number of pads per sheet


Product features

Peel&Stick felt pads

Protect the smooth floor surfaces from scratches and provide a comfortable and quiet moving furniture

Perfect as buffers in the kitchen cabinets.

Product features:

  • Used a very strong adhesive – guarantee excellent adhesion

  • Produced in colors: white, grey, black and brown

  • Available in many sizes and shapes

  • Thickness 1/8″ [3mm] and 1/4″ [6mm]

  • A highly compressed felt provides service life

We offer different types of packaging:

The confectional packaging

Dedicated to the shoops, warehouses, supermarkets, where the main customers are retail customers. For this product we recommend a free rotating display, to assist in the exposure of the product.

The collective packaging – dedicated to furniture manufacturers, sealed in bags string, containing 1000 pcs felt pads.

The possibility of preparing in 2 variants.

Display system

Stand rotary

  • Aesthetic – perfectly suited for the role of advertising
  • Mobile, rotating – helps to keep the goods in good order
  • Compact size – saving space sales
  • Efficient access to goods – the convenience of the customer service
  • Quickly determine the available amount of sales

On the stand is approx. 1000 packaging

Dimensions stand: 20.47 x 34.65″ +7.87 (logo) [52x88cm+20cm logo]