Product features

With glue

  • width 0.83″ and 1.57″ [21 and 40mm]
  • available length: 16, 65.5, 164, 328, 492 ft  [5, 20, 50, 100 and 150m]
  • simple installation (only iron)
  • Colors to manufacturers of furniture chipboards

Without glue

  • width 0.63 – 23.62″ [16-600mm]
  • length about 1640 ft [500m]

We have the ability to produce edges with glue and without glue.
In connection with the individual settings for your monitor, actual color may diffrent from those shown on our website.

Good quality furniture edges should not only be durable and resistant to damages, but also adhere closely to the surface of the board. Melamine edge banding tape is an interesting alternative to plastic versions. Find out what distinguishes the Folmag product and where it can be used.

What is melamine edging tape?

Our original product – melamine tape, is a high-quality material used to protect the edges and surfaces of various types of furniture, boards or worktops. It is made of paper covered with melamine resin – a substance very resistant to water, high temperatures and UV exposure. As a leading manufacturer we offer laminated tapes in various colours, textures and patterns that can be adapted according to the client’s needs. The product is available with or without glue on the underside.

What is melamine edging tape used for?

The main application of melamine edge tape is veneering furniture edges. Because these elements are particularly exposed to scratches and cracks, they should be protected with a material of the appropriate strength. These criteria are met by laminated tapes, which are additionally easy to apply and adhere to the surface very well. They are suitable for the protection of narrow edges exposed to relatively light loads.

We offer a wide selection of melamine edge banding tapes in various widths, lengths and colours. The assortment includes both wood-like and single-colour decors. As a wholesaler Folmag cooperates with distributors and manufacturers of furniture in Poland and Europe.

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