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It is an extremely versatile and durable surface material commonly used in the industry. Furniture laminate in paper sheets by Folmag is available in many different colours and patterns. Find out what the types, uses and benefits of your investment in wood laminate sheets are.

What is paper laminate for furniture?

Such composites as laminates are formed when two materials with different properties are joined. One element acts as reinforcement, while the other acts as a filler (binder). An example of a natural laminate is wood. Furniture laminate sheets are an excellent finishing material that is suitable for both straight, rounded and curved surfaces. It works well on vertical and horizontal surfaces, regardless of the load. Usually, the laminate is pressed onto various types of carrier boards, plywood, chipboards, MDF or HDF boards. It shows great resistance and simplicity of processing. The sheets are also safe for humans and the environment.

Types and application of wood laminate sheets

Depending on the production technology and materials used to create furniture laminate sheets, the following types are distinguished:

  • decorative laminates: come in many designs and colours;
  • compact laminates: a type of thick, self-supporting laminate;
  • industrial laminates: have greater strength and resistance to external factors;
  • post formed laminates: thin sheets with versatile use;
  • high-pressure and low-pressure laminates: depending on the surface, the laminate is applied under different pressures.

Due to the multi-layer structure and the mechanical properties of the composite, wood laminate sheets have many uses. You can use them for, e.g.:

  • furniture fronts;
  • protection of worktops and recess panels;
  • table wrapping and desk elements;
  • door and wall cladding elements.



Why is it worth choosing furniture laminate sheets?

Aesthetic values and a wide range of products on the market means that more and more people decide to buy laminate sheets for wrapping their furniture. However, there is something much more important, and that is the functionality of this solution. The biggest advantages of paper laminate for furniture are:

  • high resistance to damage;
  • antibacterial properties;
  • it ensures hygiene and food safety;
  • a wide range of sizes;
  • it is easy to clean;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • resistance to high temperatures.

Paper laminate for furniture: colours, patterns, sizes

Products of this type are an interesting alternative to solid wood and veneer. They imitate perfectly the appearance of natural materials. Furniture laminate sheets in our offer are available in many colours, shades and interesting motifs. You can choose from a huge range of products with different textures such as rustic wood, granite or metallic.

Order laminates from the leading producer on the market. We have already been trusted by many distributors and leading furniture manufacturers, both in Poland and Europe.

Do you have doubts what size or pattern of laminate to choose? Contact us! Our experts will help you choose the best type and colour of the product.

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