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Morning slamming of cabinets doors isn’t the best way to start a day, especially when the kitchen should be the serene centre of your home and not a carpentry workshop. Silicone bumper pads by Folmag will turn the old and noisy cabinets into functional furniture. High level of shock absorption and strong adhesion – these are the reasons why our clear cushions will work for every kitchen.

What are silicone door bumpers?

The main task of cabinet bumper pads is to protect your furniture from damage caused by closing and slamming doors. This accessory is an essential element of the interior that we often forget about. Meanwhile, thanks to it, we can extend the durability of furniture, especially in kitchen. Cabinet door bumpers are usually made of silicone – a flexible, transparent polymer with high chemical, thermic and mechanical resistance. Thanks to the use of this material, silicone cabinet door bumpers do not wear out when closing the doors repeatedly. The transparent element glued to the inside of the furniture is practically invisible and does not impact the aesthetics of the interior finish. At Folmag we offer a wide range of silicone door bumpers in various sizes. Our products are durable and non-hazardous – they have the necessary approvals and permits to use them safely at home. You can purchase products in wholesale quantities to your store or order them as a furniture manufacturer.

Why is it worth investing in silicone cabinet bumpers?

Although silicone cabinet bumpers look quite inconspicuous, they are irreplaceable when it comes to protecting furniture against wear. Good quality cabinet door cushions will serve you for a long time – no need to re-stick the bumper! The products available in our offer are of the highest durability. And why is it worth buying them? The main advantages of silicone bumpers:

  • protection of furniture against damage;
  • excellent soundproofing of locker doors and furniture fronts,
  • high-quality 3M self-adhesive
  • a wide selection of shapes and sizes;
  • they adhere well to the surface;
  • high impact resistance;
  • invisibility (they are made of transparent material);
  • safety (they have the necessary approvals);
  • versatility – they can also be used on glass or metal surfaces.

Check our offer and order the shape and size of silicone cabinet bumpers that are right for you. If in doubt, contact us, and we will advise you which product to choose!

Kitchen cabinet door bumper pads

Opening and closing the drawers in the kitchen can cause real noise when the furniture isn’t protected, especially when living with small children. What is more, repetitive bumping board against board will wear the materials and damage them. Silicone door bumpers effectively protect from even the hardest slamming and extend the lifespan of the cabinets. Our products can be widely used at home and in public buildings where noise reduction is particularly important. For example, attaching the pads to objects made of glass will protect them from potential breaking.

Only the best cabinet door bumper pads will end all the problems with non-functional furniture. This is why it’s important to choose high-quality products with strong 3M glue and excellent soundproofing produced by Folmag. Thanks to secure adhesion the cushions do not shift or fall off even when used extensively. Clear silicone bumper pads that we manufacture provide invisible and effective protection without affecting the aesthetics of the cabinets. Water-drop like stickers are available in different sizes depending on the board edge width and personal needs of clients.

Order wholesale for your store in required amount!

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Rating value: 4.0 (80%)
Base on: 2 score
9/32″ x 1/16″ [7×1,5mm] 100 cabinet bumpers/ sheet
5/16″ x 3/32″ [7,9×2,3mm] 100 cabinet bumpers / sheet
5/16″ x 1/16″ [8×1,8mm] 100 cabinet bumpers / sheet
5/16″ x 3/32″ [8×2,2mm] 100 cabinet bumpers / sheet
3/8″ x 3/16″ [9,8x5mm] 100 cabinet bumpers / sheet
3/8″ x 1/16″ [10×1,5mm] 100 cabinet bumpers / sheet
3/8″ x 1/8″ [10x3mm] 100 cabinet bumpers / sheet
1/2″ x 9/64″ [12,4×3,5mm] 64 cabinet bumpers / sheet
3/8″ x 3/8″ x 3/32″ [10x10x2,5mm] 100 cabinet bumpers / sheet
gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka
Rating value: 4.0 (80%)
Base on: 2 score